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[MP3 File]Hear what Grace Alive TV is all about with this MP3 recording of the introductory music and reading from the television show. (MPEG-1 Layer 3 "MP3" Audio, 1.1MB. QuickTime 4+ recommended.)

TV Schedule:Watch Grace Alive on television in your area! All times local. If you're unable to tune in, you don't have to miss an episode -- request episodes on DVD, without cost.

Grace Alive is broadcasted in limited areas on cable TV public access. Consult your cable provider if you are unable to tune in on the suggested channel.

San Diego, CA 7:30pm Fridays
COX Channel 23
7:30pm Fridays
COX North County Channel 18
Bowling Green, KY 8:00pm Mondays
Insight Communications Channel 2
7:30pm Fridays
Insight Communications Channel 2

 NEW!: Check out our sample of study notes from our fellowships now available online for you to download, print and study (.rtf format, readable on most Macs and PCs). Right-click and select Save to save them to disk: What Happens To Us When We Die? (236K), Women In The Assembly (90K). More to come!

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Welcome to, the Grace Alive television ministry website! Grace Alive TV Ministries is a non-profit teaching ministry affiliated with Grace Bible Fellowship of San Diego County for those who are already Christian believers: in other words, for those who believe that Christ's death and resurrection are all that is required to save them from the penalty of their sins (1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

We invite you to study the Scriptures with us by means of topical and book studies to determine what the Word of God says. Since we are no longer under Law, but rather under Grace (Romans 6:14), this ministry is designed to provide Bible teaching concerning grace living principles in the Christian life, emphasizing the doctrine of grace living rather than law and legalism.

Since the only source for spiritual understanding, growth and victory is accurate and careful analysis of the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17), we offer our fellowship studies publicly free of charge either via DVDs by mail or online at Google Video.

Find out more about how we see Scripture and how we do our analysis and interpretation. We explain our view of the Word and our understanding of it on our Views page.
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