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comp.binaries.cbm is a moderated, binaries-only newsgroup for the dissemination and distribution of binaries for and related to the Commodore 8-bit computers, including the Commodore 64, the Commodore 128, the VIC-20, +4/16, PET series and others. It is not an Amiga newsgroup.

Files posted to the group have included games, demos, utilities, data files, emulators/emulator utilities and instruction binaries (such as schematics). All files on comp.binaries.cbm are freely distributable and are stored in the Unix de facto uucode standard. uudecoders for the 64 are available many places, including from the Computer Workshops FTP archive, and this BASIC program by Craig Bruce will also suffice until something faster can be found.

The official FAQ is available here in plaintext. (HTML soon.)

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